File not available

Possible causes for this message:


A) File not found. Maybe it never happened here.


B) Access to the file is locked with a password.
Specify the password from the link author. You may have entered a wrong password. Switch keyboard layouts or turn off caps lock.


C) When writing a request to the server, you could have made a mistake.
Check with the author links. Check the syntax of the string or search for similar files.


D) Server hardware disabled.
Probably at the given moment of time preventive works or processes of updating the information bases of the catalog are being carried out.
Try to repeat the request after a while. The scheduled daily maintenance work is 30 minutes.


E) If the server is in good condition and the file is really missing from the directory, and you are just sure that it should be there, then the file may have been moved to temporary storage for subsequent deletion.
In this case, contact the administrator of the directory for the reason. To restore the file in the directory is enough treatment of any user. (Provided that the publication is not prohibited by the copyright holder.)


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File sharing service is designed to store and share files between site users.

Files can be uploaded and categorized. The user uploading the file determines the category of the file. File categorization is not a requirement.

You can upload any files, without specifying categories, into the Files folder, and for image files into a special Foto folder.

After downloading to the directory, each file is scanned for viruses and receives a static link. To exchange files between users, the recipient must provide a static link.


Recipient Actions

+ The recipient opens a static link in the browser;
+ Server generates a dynamic link;
+ The recipient, using a dynamic link, within 24 hours can easily download the file in any way possible. When downloading a file, resume mode is available, in case of loss of connection. For a comfortable download, you can use any download manager;
Each file download is sponsored. The sponsor is randomly selected from among advertisers, based on the rating. To get a dynamic link in the user's browser, cookies should be enabled and ad-blocking software disabled.


Directory Policy Summary

Files are allowed for placement whose content does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Files must be of a known type.
Files must contain information that is the intellectual property of the sender.
Files can be compressed using the program archiver. Archives should not have a password.
Catalog files are freely available. There is no charge for downloading files.
File size is not limited.
You can upload files to the server of any size, but there is one important condition: The dynamic links have a lifespan of 24 hours, so you should upload files of a size that can be downloaded by the recipient within 24 hours.The recommended maximum file size is 500 MB.

File storage time is 1 year.
Files not in demand for a long period are placed in temporary storage. If, within a month, there are no requests from users to restore the file in the directory, the file is deleted. The file may be deleted for the following reasons:
+ a daily check revealed a virus;
+ at the request of the sender or owner of the file.
Initially it is assumed that the sender and the owner is one person. But if the owner of the file is declared and he does not agree with the location of the file in the directory, he should inform the administrator of the directory about it. In this case, the file is deleted on demand, without further clarification.
+ The file content does not meet the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.


Right Owner

2BAY is a public service on which any user can post any content. All posted information is subject to mandatory moderation, but the flow of information is very large and therefore your assistance is important to the administration. If you, as the copyright holder, have discovered that your rights have been violated, just let us know.
The same applies to prohibited materials. Show activity. If any links to our file sharing service containing prohibited materials are found on any third-party Internet resources, please notify the administration.
An application for deleting a file will be processed by the robot instantly. If the robot for some reason cannot instantly delete the file you specified, it will automatically generate a Complaint and send it to the site administrator.


File Storage Logic

In order to successfully use the capabilities of file sharing service, you need to understand the basic logic of the file storage.


A) All upnloaded and stored files can be downloaded by any member.

B)The site has two repositories: the Personal Account and the Public Directory.


With a private office, everything is simple, there are your personal files. And if you have a desire to publish them, then you post a link in the network. If you do not want to publish, then just do not publish the links, and in this case, no one will even guess that there is one or another file in your personal account.

With the Public Directory, everything is different.


C) All files placed in the Public directory, by default, can be accessed by any participant.

D) All files in the Public directory can be indexed by a search engine.


Moreover, any of the participants can easily access the Public directory, both for downloading and for downloading any files.

The public directory may contain files of any user, and each user may modify or delete any files in the public domain.

Therefore, You can delete another user's file, or another user can delete Your file.


The public directory is intended for short-term storage of files. This is its main purpose.




Technical support

If you have problems in working with the file sharing service or if you have any questions related to downloading or uploading files, discuss them on the forum with other participants. Technical support for users is only available on the forum

If the forum fails to get an answer, and the question is very important, then contact the technical support in the Administration section.